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      Harbin Shunmai School was founded in 2014, located in the North Bank of the beautiful Songhua River in Harbin, No.633 Shunmai Road, Songbei District, Harbin. It was invested by the Taiwanese Shunmai Group and approved by the Harbin Education Bureau as a high-end private school with kindergartens, primary schools, junior high schools, high schools and foreign language schools.
      Harbin Shunmai School covers an area of 210,000 square meters, with a total floor area of 110,000 square meters and a total investment of 700 million yuan. The first phase project was built in 2013 and put into operation in 2014. The construction of primary school teaching building, junior high school teaching building and art museum is 30 thousand square meters. 

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Wang Guangcai  Liu Jinzhi  Chen Hong

Dai Chunmin  Li Wu  E Xiuzhen  Yin Hanbin

Senior high school teacher:Zhang Li   Pu Hai Feng

Junior middle school teachers:Zhang Hui   Yang Bo   Ding Xiuli   Wu Xiang Gui   Lv Xi Ping   Lin Zhi Jian   

Primary school teachers:Yang Weijie   Zhang Xihui   Liu Yu Xing   Deng Jinrong  Kindergarten teacher:Wang Fang   Zhao Ming    Cui Yunxiu   Han Jia Qi
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[High-end training] Shunmai School primary school teachers to participate in the 2021 Beijing Norma

Teachers' learning is the source of education and the construction of teachers is the soul of school development. Our school has always attached great importance to the construction of teachers, pay attention to the improvement of teachers' education and teaching ability, in recent years, our school teachers out training has become a normal. Studying outside can not only broaden the horizon, but also help each teacher to find their own deficiencies. Through observing and learning, teachers are deeply inspired and benefited, so as to better and more targeted to improve the quality of education and teaching. It is this constant charging that makes the education and teaching ability of teachers in our school continuously improve. From July 13 to 14, 2021, experts from Beijing Normal University came to Harbin for teacher training in primary and secondary schools as scheduled in Deqiang School. Four experts made wonderful training lectures and demonstration classes. On the morning of 13th, Liu Bei, a senior teacher, national famous teacher, tianjin March 8 red flag bearer, and teaching expert of the national education information training project, gave a lecture on "Information Literacy Improvement based on the Cultivation of Micro Ability" around the construction of information technology 2.0. Liu mainly from teachers how to use the information platform; How to skillfully process course resources; How to obtain and evaluate digital educational resources; How to "give" digital resources and other aspects, a systematic and in-depth explanation and practical operation, Mr. Liu paid attention to the interaction with the participating teachers, the wonderful place won everyone bursts of applause, practical. On the afternoon of 13th, I listened to the lecture titled "Let persistence illuminate the light of life in students' heart" by Liu Guangyue, a national famous special grade teacher, national model teacher, national Top ten homeroom teacher and national Excellent Homeroom teacher in primary and secondary schools. He has been teaching for more than 20 years of front-line education experience, with a key word summed up as - persistence. He sees each event as a unique opportunity. "The wider you go, the more determined you become," he says. 14 morning, Chinese contemporary famous educationist, vice President of the affiliated high school of Peking University, mathematics special-class teacher, enjoy the State Council special allowance experts, was awarded "top ten outstanding youth in Beijing", "national excellent teacher" the highest prize in mathematics education "Su Buqing mathematics education" first prize winner, Zhang Siming teacher made the transformation of the teachers' role under the new curriculum reform. Since his teaching, he has been working hard on educational theories, linking mathematics closely with life, and he said he will always maintain two identities: both teacher and student. Education should be done mindfully and make work, study and research an interesting life. 14 in the afternoon the national famous special-class teacher, the experimental school affiliated to Beijing normal university, Chinese educational research group leader, secretary general of the China education development strategy committee and director, distinguished expert of Beijing normal university, is committed to poems and writings in classical style teaching research, readings on the subject to take "and read and write" linkage "class spokesperson Wang Weihua teacher, On a part of the sixth grade language model class "book Dai song painting cattle". After class, Mr. Wang from the characteristics of unified textbooks, with the teaching strategy of text with text, combined with specific lessons to give you a detailed interpretation. The basic strategies are "leading the way of small poems", "independent annotation", "intensive reading of fine essays", "transition of famous quotes" and "in-depth reading of essays", but this is not a teaching process and can be flexibly arranged. After the training, all the participating teachers wrote about their learning gains and experiences. All of them agreed that the training not only broadened the vision of teachers, but also updated the teaching concept of teacher education. The teachers felt deeply that attending this training was like coming to a "spiritual gas station" and replenishment of full energy. As a teacher, we should not only have profound cultural background and broad vision, but also take continuous learning as a way of life, renew ideas in continuous learning, use the learning in teaching practice, and strive to improve their teaching level and educational ability. Make due contribution to the development of Harbin Shunmai School!



[Youth League Power] The Youth League Branch of Harbin Shunmai Primary School organized league memb

According to the work deployment of Harbin Shunmai school Party Committee, Harbin Shunmai school primary school League branch organized all league members and teachers in the serious study of Harbin Shunmai school principal, Party secretary Shi Xueyong "Party construction leads, establish high-quality development of education" after the special article, have written their own experience from the Angle of choice. Learning experience of league member teachers Party building leads to a redder party flag Liu Mingyue, Group ONE The Party Committee of Shunmai University led the implementation of the seven major projects of campus Party building innovation, anti-epidemic education, famous and excellent teachers, Traditional Chinese culture education, characteristic education, quality Priority and Poverty alleviation in Tibet to accelerate the brand building process of the school. Every party member should be a pioneer, striving to create a national advanced Party organization, and forming a working atmosphere of striving for excellence in the practice of "two studies and one action". During the COVID-19 pandemic, school leaders, Party members, party activists and teachers took active actions to not only participate in the epidemic prevention work, but also make preparations for online teaching to ensure that "classes are not suspended, classes are not suspended". In order to improve the quality of teaching, the school has set up a development consultant team and invited experts to give suggestions and carry out expert forums and lectures by famous teachers. The school also carries out sinology cluster activities every year, inviting sinology experts to the school to give lectures, truly achieve the party of sinology lectures. To carry out social practice, academic exchange and humanistic education activities with Shunmai characteristics. Shunmai school pays attention to the guarantee of teaching quality, and carries out a series of activities such as "Student Habit Formation Year" and "Teacher Style Construction Year" to create high-quality education and create a wide educational space for students. The school attaches great importance to improving students' comprehensive quality, involving six categories of "etiquette, wisdom, labor, physical education, art and technology", referred to as "six education". The school has opened more than 50 courses centering on "six education". Under the guidance of teachers, students choose courses in a "menu-style" way and attend classes in a "walking-class" way. The school adheres to the principle of "diversity, three-dimensional, individuality" and promotes the "art" curriculum to constantly bring forth the new. I believe that under the leadership of principal Shi, all the school staff have the confidence to make the party flag of this school more and more red! Work to foster education Third year group Zhu Jiali The school has opened more than 50 courses centering on "six education". Students can choose courses in "menu style" and study in "class style" under the guidance of teachers, so as to satisfy their interest in learning, improve their learning ability and expand their thinking. Marx said, "Labor creates beauty." The aesthetic value of labor is not only reflected in the fruits of labor, but also in the process of labor. Only those who actively and enthusiastically participate in actual labor can truly experience the beauty of labor and the joy of labor. Therefore, in the form of theme modules, the school organically integrates the requirements of labor practice with comprehensive practice activities, aesthetic education activities and young Pioneers activities. Through curriculum setting and teaching innovation, the school realizes the systematic cultivation of students' labor knowledge, labor skills, labor consciousness, labor spirit, aesthetic education creation and other aspects. Combined with the concept of "six education", the school has designed a variety of courses including housework, food, planting, production and Thanksgiving. Labor itself is also a process of practical activities, which requires everyone to participate in and experience personally, to feel in participation, to innovate and create in experience, and to truly temper the quality of will and improve technical skills in the process of labor. Our school carries out various labor courses, let the children help their parents to share the housework, harvest the fruits of labor, learn to be grateful, this "labor" seed will surely lay a solid foundation for the growth of children's life, and will eventually bear rich fruit! Children bear the future of the motherland, do we want to use education, labor education into life education, let the children gain some experience in labor and life fun, fully inspire the children to labor, training hard, honest attitude to life and way of life, this is the need of the children in the future life, also is the need of survival, Let its life better development needs. Adhere to the role of party leadership in education Music group, Boonci In the history of our party's spectacular journey, in the important historical periods of revolution, construction and reform, the general communist party members always walk in the time front row, from the front, walk the line, hard work, selfless dedication, strenuous enterprising, innovation, career achievements for the party and the people, give full play to the cutting edge exemplary role. Shunmai School closely follows the pace of the Party and responds to the call of the Party. Party members, league members and teachers of the school all play a vanguard and exemplary role, which is not only the concentrated embodiment of the progressiveness of the Communist party members, but also the requirement of the lofty and sacred profession of teachers. In the new era, every party member teachers should fully understand the importance of play the cutting edge exemplary role, but with a strong sense of responsibility, sense of mission, maintains the communist party member's advanced character, insist on people's teacher infatigable spirit of education, can truly be a good teacher of a party member, become outstanding person in the party, among the teachers, Only then can we consciously implement the requirements of the Party, the state and the people on education into action. Should be combined with their own post, shoulder the responsibility, the special nature of education concretely reflected. As a member of the teachers, as a reserve army, we should also be strict with themselves, in education and teaching rushed to the front, in education post shine! Let the joyful song add color to the party flag Music Group Liu Yu Learning makes progress. Shi Xueyong principal by learning the party lead, set up the development of high quality education ", this article has taught me his shoulder great responsibility and glorious mission, in the later work, I will set up office post, take each lesson, education good each student, as a great contribution to the youth, the education career make for flag society.with the cheerful song. The development of education cannot be separated from the leadership of the Party. To develop schools and improve the quality of education, schools must adhere to the close combination of party construction and education and teaching, "focusing on the party construction around teaching, do a good job of party construction to promote teaching." In music teaching, I will the innovation teaching mode, active use of new media network education platform, should to the party as the leading, strict character overhead, leading the draw, down-to-earth, with specific and lively party stories inspire students' interest in learning, promoted the red revolutionary songs, explore new period primary school music education reform and development of new pattern. Forge ahead spectrum chapter Sports group Bao Jiansong President Shi wrote how to create high-quality development education from four aspects. First, Principal Shi introduced that Harbin Shunmai School is a Taiwan-funded private school integrating kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high school and foreign language school. In 2021, Shunmai School unit was awarded the honorary title of provincial benchmarking Party construction demonstration unit. Under the background of educational reform to build a high quality party member cadre team, it is necessary for party members to unite their thoughts and understanding, the party construction work should focus on the socialist education, so the school must pay attention to the red gene education, to lead the school work! School is the main position of moral education, education is not only to teach knowledge, but also to cultivate the spirit of hard struggle, adhere to the ideal, love the country, people first feelings and responsibility, and lay the spirit of perseverance and sustainable development. These feelings, responsibility and background color exist in the red gene and excellent traditional culture! Our young people are willing to bear hardships generation, willing to fight for ideals and beliefs; Our young people are a generation with great love, they always remember the feelings of family and country; Our young people are a generation with a sense of responsibility. They can shoulder the mission of realizing the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation. "They have ability, they have dreams, they have the right outlook and they have high aspirations." The red gene education of the school leads the teenagers to be willing to illuminate the country and the universe with wisdom and deep feeling! Six education and integration of education Art group Wang Xinyu In fact, every kind of education and teaching behavior may have a comprehensive impact on children's life growth and produce comprehensive effects. The growth effects of each education are often interpenetrating, interpenetrating and mutually nourishing. On the basis of "five education" and combining with its own characteristics, our school advocates "Shun Mai six education", namely "etiquette, wisdom, labor, physical education, art, technology", and has opened more than 50 school-based courses around the six education, every student can choose courses "menu style", "walk class style" learning. Constantly bring forth the new, let the flower of art bloom in shunmai campus. The combination of six education is not only a concept of education, but also a practice of education. Take labor education as an example, in recent years, the importance of labor education has become increasingly prominent, become an indispensable part of education quality improvement. For example, our school also regularly arrange teachers and students to go to the labor base for labor practice. In the activities of "digging potatoes, breaking corn and so on", labor education is introduced into intellectual education, so that children can realize that labor not only exists in fields, families and factories, but also occurs in the classroom, class and study: Learning itself is a kind of hard work, is everyone's life need to continue through the "labor pass". This kind of integrated thinking and design means that the ideal and goal of labor education should permeate and penetrate into daily education and teaching, so as to make labor education routine. Labor education is the most vigorous and lasting education only when it is integrated with other education and becomes routine. For teachers, the combination of six education programs is a kind of "education challenge", which brings new requirements: To have "six integration" teaching basic skills, be good at both in their own fields give full play to each lesson, each of the education activity of "six education effect", also must be good at fusion using the education of educational resources, implementation based on the fusion, in order to merge and the new teaching way in the fusion, finally achieve the goal of integration education. The culture of Party building has taken root among the people Ying Ying art group Through reading principal Shi's article, I learned that in order to strengthen the school moral education work, run the school by virtue, train a new generation in the new century, we must build a high-quality teacher team. This team of teachers must fully implement the Party's educational policy, establish a correct outlook on education and life, and have good ethics. The school has formulated various specific measures to build a contingent of teachers who are politically firm, morally noble, knowledgeable, skilled in teaching and diligent in educating and competent for ideological and political work and carrying out quality-oriented education. Party building culture can be seen everywhere in Shunmai School, teachers and students are influenced all the time. Listening to party class, group class and team class has been integrated into the learning life of teachers and students in Shunmai. Shunmai school not only pays attention to the construction of teachers, but also makes innovations and efforts in the design of students' courses. In particular, "six education" at the same time, the characteristics of the curriculum, fully cultivate children's all-round development. As written in the article, "multi-dimensional, personality publicity", I believe that the development of the school will usher in a more brilliant tomorrow! Shun Mai Six Education - to promote the all-round development of students Art group Qi Han The overall development education of students consists of moral education, intellectual education, physical education, aesthetic education and labor technology education. Moral education is the guarantee to realize the goal of all-round development education and is an important part of all-round development education. Intellectual education is to give students systematic scientific and cultural knowledge, skills and develop students' intelligence education. Together with moral education, physical education, aesthetic education and labor education, it constitutes a complete educational system and is the foundation of all-round development. In the school, promote students' development "the ritual, the wisdom, fatigue, physical, art and skill" is called "six," around "six education" school opened 50 more courses, students can under the guidance of teachers, menu selection, colorful course, enables the students to good play to their potential, interest can also get a good training. At the same time, students will also participate in the labor practice course, in this course not only cultivate students' hands-on ability, experience the fun of labor, but also let students feel the hard work of working people and the hard-won good life. Shun Mai "six Education" makes students' childhood life colorful and unforgettable! Improve students' comprehensive accomplishment and promote students' all-round development Art group Hao Cixin After reading the article published by Headmaster Shi, I felt quite a lot. Everything the school does is for the benefit of the students. Among them, "six education simultaneously, leading development with characteristics" is what I feel the most. Shun Mai School follows the law of students' development, pays attention to the development of students' personality, and provides rich personalized courses. It covers six categories of "ritual", "wisdom", "labor", "physical", "art" and "technology". Under the guidance of the teacher, take "menu" "course selection," "class" learning. It plays a great role in satisfying students' interest in learning, improving their learning ability, expanding their thinking and promoting students' self-value discovery. Under the educational form of spoon-feeding teaching as the mainstream and students' rigid thinking, a batch of outstanding students with their own strengths have been cultivated. Shunmai School also builds a platform for students to exercise. Through practical social practice, it helps students to understand people's livelihood, broaden their horizons, understand the world, and enhance their compassion and sense of responsibility. The restaurant volunteer service project set up by the school enables students to experience the hard work and improve their self-care ability in the process of voluntary service. The educational philosophy of Shunmai school is not only to teach students to learn knowledge from books, but also to pay attention to the all-round development of students morally, intellectually, physically, aesthetically and artistically, so as to continuously transport excellent talents for the society. 书法组 岳采妍 "It is better to teach a man to fish than to teach a man to fish". Shunmai School not only pays attention to daily teaching and habit formation, but also pays attention to the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality. Shunmai School has developed more than 50 school-based courses centering on six categories of "courtesy, wisdom, labor, physical education, art and technology". Under the guidance of teachers, students can choose courses according to their own needs and learning interests, and "walk the class" learning. The school adheres to the principle of "diversity, three-dimensional, individuality" to promote the continuous innovation of the curriculum. While cultivating students' solid basic knowledge, we should also stimulate students' potential in many aspects, and train students' comprehensive quality in many aspects in combination with the progress of The Times and social development. After reading principal Shi's article, I have a deeper understanding and experience of education. Teaching is not only about teaching knowledge from textbooks and cultivating students' daily habits, but also about thinking of students' development from various aspects. In addition to teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, it is also necessary to stimulate their potential and give full play to their strengths according to the different characteristics of different students. Besides, it is necessary to cultivate more skills besides textbook knowledge. So that students get more in the way of life forward "equipment", with a lifetime! In the days to come, I will be more careful and patient to observe students and communicate with them while teaching professional courses. Step into the world of children, in-depth understanding of students' interests and hobbies and expertise, strengths and weaknesses. Use different teaching methods and daily management for different students. On the basis of the advantages of professional improvement, in the case of short board more guidance, gradually improve. Shunmai school is a big garden, the students are different flowers, under the leadership of Principal Shi, teachers irrigation, will certainly blossom, spring garden! The original aspiration of party building work remains unchanged Calligraphy group by Gao Chengqi Youth is the future of the motherland, the hope of the nation, but also the future and hope of the Communist Party of China. Therefore, under the leadership of Principal Shi, Shunmai School has expanded the field of Party construction, built the front of school Party construction, trained the new generation, and realized the Chinese dream together. Party building should cover all areas. The party construction of Shunmai School has always been guided by moral education, centered on teaching, combined with team construction, campus culture construction, ideological and moral education and subject teaching, and taken the road of scientific development. The party's education into the school education of each field, the party's building work to infiltrate every corner of the campus, the Party's thought deeply rooted. We should not only train a team of teachers with noble ethics and superb teaching skills, but also train students to learn to learn how to live and establish correct outlook on life and values. School party construction work colorful. The school often carries out party member demonstration class activity. Imperceptibly integrate socialist core values into students' blood, so that students can receive education in the process of being influenced by what they hear and see, develop good behavior habits, mind the motherland, and imagine the future. Also can make full use of the network platform, through watching the positive short film, so that students in a relaxed and happy atmosphere, learning outstanding communist moving deeds and patriotic sentiment, enhance their patriotic feelings and awareness. School party construction work highlights. It is the highlight of party construction in school to combine humanistic care, ideal and belief, collectivism, patriotism and communist education organically. We should combine the different characteristics of students at different school-age stages, and carry out the party building work of students step by step, so that students gradually form a correct outlook on life, values and world outlook, and improve the effectiveness, scientific and flexibility of the party building work. School party building is not a short "100-meter dash", but a long-term "marathon". Shunmai school has patience and ambition to water seedlings and care for flowers. Harbin Shunmai School YYDS Zhai Liting, Science and Technology Group Founded in 2014, Harbin Shunmai School has developed rapidly in just a few years. Headmaster Shi once said: Shunmai School is a place with dreams! Everyone in Shunmai is a dream pursuer. The dream pursuer never puts the dream in the beautiful vision, but puts the dream in front of the eyes, in the present, to practice, to realize... The school attaches great importance to the training of our young teachers, including weekly teacher forum, out-going training every semester and expert lectures. For us to create a "continuous learning, introverted quality, enhance the ability" of the good atmosphere. Training not only opens up our vision, but also updates the teaching concept of teacher education. Therefore, every training is like coming to the "spiritual gas station", replenishing full energy. Working in the primary school of Harbin Shunmai School will make you feel very practical, because you are surrounded by many excellent teachers, whose fervour of education will also burn you and infect you. They can be your guide, lead you to work hard in education and teaching, in education and teaching management, hard work, enterprising. Our principal Liu taught us: education is to cultivate the uppercase people, education is to do conscience, education is to do responsibility; To be a teacher with sincerity, to be a teacher with true feelings, to be a teacher with true love! Based on the teachings of Principal Liu and outstanding teachers, we strive to stay true to our original aspiration. We will continue to work hard on the fertile soil of Shunmai School, and constantly usher in fragrance. Harbin Shunmai School YYDS! Party building to lead learning to promote long Wang Mo, Comprehensive group As a teacher in the primary school of Shunmai School, I have always been proud, but also feel inadequate. The advanced educational concept and scientific management mode of Shunmai School make me grow up in this big family. Principal Shi Xueyong's article "Leading by Party Construction to Create High-quality Development Education" made me deeply feel the excellence, advanced and science of Shunmai School. Dialectical direction of running a school, construct a grand education view; Taking teachers as the foundation, strengthening the construction of four teams; "Six education" simultaneously, leading development with characteristics; The party construction penetrates, strengthens the quality education achievement, strives to build a party construction solid, the student solid, the school solid modern high quality development school education. Let shun Mai school party flag more and more red Ann Chuqi from the Integrated group In the party building work of our school, the Party Committee of our school focuses on building high-quality teachers based on the professional characteristics of party members and teachers. It provides a strong guarantee for the scientific development of education to set up scientific educational values and adhere to the road of scientific development. Carry out the selection of "teacher ethics model" and "teacher ethics advanced Individual", to educate all teachers with the power of example. To carry out various teaching activities among all teachers, improve the professional accomplishment of teachers, especially party members, and form a echelon of teachers' growth through the guidance of party members. Carry out study and practice activities, strengthen the cohesion of the Party organization, adhere to the goal of "building a school with people's satisfaction", carry out fruitful study and practice of the scientific development concept activities, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the party organization of the school. The party building work has become a strong engine for the development of Shunmai school, promoting the new development of school education and teaching. The school insists on playing the exemplary role of party members as pioneers, and establishes young Party members' commandos to take the lead in overcoming difficulties and solve various problems in the process of education and teaching. Carry out party member care project, strengthen service consciousness, take the lead in caring for students; Insist on face batch students' homework, targeted guidance; We will continue to encourage interaction between schools and families and solve the problem of increasing quality and compensating for poor performance. Party building, teachers, students, excellent school, all the school staff confidence to let the school's party flag more and more red. Stay true to your mission After this study, the league members and teachers have a more comprehensive understanding and a deeper understanding of the party construction, school-running direction, educational concepts and teacher team construction of Shunmai School. While studying hard, we should also examine ourselves. As the assistant and reserve army of the Party, the league members and teachers set an example, follow the Party with strict discipline, thoroughly implement the policies of the Party Committee, and contribute to the construction of the school and the team.

The spirit of the higher education committee

The Ministry of Education issued a notice to study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued notice to thoroughly study and apply around the schools xi jinping, general secretary of the important letter spirit, study discussion, focus on propaganda and highlight the leading practice, understand the expectations of teachers put forward requirements, general secretary of the letter of the answer to his thought and action unity spirit teachers. According to the notice, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote back to representatives of the Huangdanian teaching team in universities across the country, fully affirming the achievements of the team, raising high expectations for the teachers, and extending holiday greetings to them. Fully embodies the reply in jinping comrades as the core of the CPC Central Committee on the teacher's loving care and special love, deeply explains the education work and the extreme importance of teachers' work, the foresight, connotation is rich, sentiments, and motivating, xi jinping, general secretary of education is important to discuss an important content of, for the construction of high-quality professional innovative teachers, To promote the high-quality development of education and build a powerful country in education provides a fundamental basis. "Notice" requirements, to grasp learning research thorough, thorough systematics, with practice, to carry out targeted learning classification at various levels and school teachers party branch organizations all party members to carry out the project learning, a learning organization abroad returned university teachers symposium, teachers and students to carry out workshops organized, Primary and secondary schools organize teachers to carry out thematic teaching and research, discussion and exchange activities. Teachers should be organized to watch excellent teacher-themed movies such as "Huang Danian" and micro-videos themed with Teachers' Day on the platform of "Learning Power" to strengthen education guidance. It is necessary to carry out in-depth publicity and interpretation, organize all teacher groups to carry out a series of theoretical interpretation and propaganda, form a strong atmosphere, and establish a long-term learning mechanism. It is necessary to guide the practice of in-depth, persistent pay attention to the ideological and political guidance of teachers, guide the majority of teachers to implement the spirit of answering letters into the action of solving practical problems. Pay attention to the use of teachers can learn and do around the model, tell good education stories and learn to reply to the spirit of personal feelings, and strive to "learn to be a teacher, behavior in the world" good teacher requirements internalized in the heart, externalized in practice. The circular stressed that local schools should adhere to the combination of short-term, medium-term and long-term, strengthen organizational leadership, clear learning plans, detailed implementation measures, put forward specific requirements, strengthen supervision and guidance. We will promote measures to strengthen teachers, increase their care and support, and focus on solving teachers' urgent problems by listing them in projects such as "Doing practical things for the people". Create a strong atmosphere, translate the spirit and requirements of the reply into a strong motivation and practical measures to promote the high-quality development of education and build an education country, and promote the implementation of the spirit of the reply. Source: Ministry of Education


Harbin Shunmai School “celebrate the centenary of the Founding of the Party to celebrate the Nation

On the occasion of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Harbin Shunmai School, under the plan of Shunmai Group, held a graffiti contest with the theme of "Celebrating the centennial of the founding of the Communist Party of China - Celebrating the National Day". Activities, which are got wide attention from all walks of life, shun exceed all the teachers and students, parents, school group employees are involved, the assistant principal Liu Fengguo unified coordination, DangZhengBan, scientific research and the department of fine arts teachers closely, reasonable arrangement, design drawings and determine the work plan, work more drafts before, strive to make each work excellence. Despite the adverse factors such as home quarantine during the design period, all participants still used online resources to exchange information and carefully guide students to participate in the competition. Organizing committee in the city in nearly thousands of entries, the screening, eventually produce 40 painting spray to the panel, impressively in xueyuan road west three on either side of the street to the north of polity estuary metro subway graffiti "tide street", as the National Day gift, added a beautiful scenery line, for the city of exquisite works of the launch immediately gain numerous visitors attention. People were impressed by the elegant works of shun Mai teachers and students. They stopped running and took out their mobile phones to take photos, praised and cast a precious vote. The students who participated in this activity and won the prize are very proud of punching in front of their works. The children had a great time posing creatively in front of the 3D works. On Saturday morning, October 23, 2021, the Sun Mai Shin County Living Hall is jubilant. The school held an award ceremony for 19 students and tutors. Mr. Liu Fengguo, assistant principal of Shunmai School, Mr. Ye Changwei, General manager of sales Department of Harbin Metropolitan Real Estate Development Co., LTD., Mr. Hong Zhe, director of teaching and scientific Research Department of Shunmai School, as well as parents and tutors of the award-winning students witnessed the glorious moment for the children. Award ceremony by the competition instructor, Shun Mai school art teacher Ying presided over. She invited the students to talk about their creative process and share their creative experiences. Grand Prize winner: Li Ziting First prize winner: Hou Yu, Zhang Xuanhao, Chen Junxiao, Li Yiqi, Shi Qirui Second prize winner: Zhou Chutie, Li Meiyue, Lin Runhan, Fu Yuhan, Shi Junze, Gu Phase Instrument, Liu Zihan, Zhang Muxi, Liu Jingze, Li Mo, Li Anqi, Zhang Ruoxi, Sun Ruoxi The leaders of Shunmai Group awarded the certificate of "Excellent Instructor" to the art group of primary school. After the award ceremony, the children, teachers and parents had a parent-child interactive game. With the opening of the metro line 2, loose also in rapid development, in the north new district of Harbin shun Wallace schools to keep pace with The Times, to create civilized city try your best, continue to beautify the campus environment, full cooperation during the synergy policies introduced, for each shun Michael students construct platform for more showing art, foundation for the lifelong development of students.  

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