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      Harbin Shunmai School was founded in 2014, located in the North Bank of the beautiful Songhua River in Harbin, No. 2 Shunmai Road, Songbei District, Harbin. It was invested by the Taiwanese Shunmai Group and approved by the Harbin Education Bureau as a high-end private school with kindergartens, primary schools, junior high schools, high schools and foreign language schools.
      Harbin Shunmai School covers an area of 210,000 square meters, with a total floor area of 110,000 square meters and a total investment of 700 million yuan. The first phase project was built in 2013 and put into operation in 2014. The construction of primary school teaching building, junior high school teaching building and art museum is 30 thousand square meters. 

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Superfine Teacher:

Wang Guangcai  Liu Jinzhi  Chen Hong

Dai Chunmin  Li Wu  E Xiuzhen  Yin Hanbin

Senior high school teacher:Zhang Li   Pu Hai Feng

Junior middle school teachers:Zhang Hui   Yang Bo   Ding Xiuli   Wu Xiang Gui   Lv Xi Ping   Lin Zhi Jian   

Primary school teachers:Yang Weijie   Zhang Xihui   Liu Yu Xing   Deng Jinrong  Kindergarten teacher:Wang Fang   Zhao Ming    Cui Yunxiu   Han Jia Qi
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[Learning and Sharing] Go out to learn, share and grow together

To serve the healthy growth of students and the professional development of teachers is the eternal theme of Harbin Shunmai School. Primary schools also send teachers out for training as a special benefit to teachers. The head teacher representative of the primary school, li chunxue, participated in the "national middle and primary school moral education system construction and head teacher studio construction and head teacher growth forum" held by the moral education newspaper.   On June 18th, Ms. Li Chunxue shared the learning with all the teachers in the primary school with the theme of "Going Out to Study and Get the True Scriptures, Sharing and Communicate and Grow Up Together".   Idea 1: Focus on professional education   The head teacher should strive to become an "expert", but also a "good doctor". In line with the "heart for heart, heart for heart, with emotion" positive attitude to read the students. It is also the art of loving students to observe students' individual performance, thoroughly analyze students' behavior motivation and quickly judge students' psychological needs.   First of all, Ms. Li Chunxue shared the key points of the expert lecture. She called on teachers to do "micro research" and do more class management in stories and activities by "accumulating more, reading more beautiful articles, singing more, sharing more and writing more". He also shared with the present teachers the teaching experience of "discovering problems is meeting problems in education", which made the teachers deeply realize the importance of micro research in the growth of head teachers, and deeply inspired the teachers present.   Idea two: cultural education   "Third-class class depends on teachers, second-class class depends on management, first-class class depends on culture", class culture is all cultural elements in class life, is the soul of a class, is an important factor affecting the development of class members in class life, that is, the members of the common beliefs, values, attitudes.   Teacher Li and everyone to communicate, in fact, class culture is a kind of infiltration, is the process of moistening things silently infiltrate slowly. Art nourishes the mind and culturalizes people. Culture also affects students' personality, spirit and character. We should make the class a place where students' souls are molded. We should try our best to build a positive and harmonious class culture and educate people by culture.   Idea 3: Home-school collaboration   Finally, Ms. Li shared the principles of "home-school cooperation" (point, line, plane and body construction together). "Point" is "home to school through train", is a barrier-free communication between schools (teachers) and families (parents), this communication, not only meet the needs of daily contact, but also promote the in-depth education work, and with the progress of daily work; "Line" is the "parent salon", reading is the radius of thinking, advocating students' parents to read together, different reading methods, the individual students also have a great difference; "Face" is "diary", set up a "heart bridge", connect the hearts of parents, teachers, students also connect today, tomorrow and the future. "Body" is "theme parents meeting", which is also the gas station of class construction. Teachers should carry out home-school coordination construction in different levels, with key points, steps, guidance and evaluation according to needs, so that every child can enjoy high-quality education and the class can become a healthy cell in the school education environment. Only in this way can the all-round development of students be realized.   Stand on the shoulders of the master to move forward, stand on their own shoulders to climb, stand on the collective shoulder to fly! The class teacher's work is not along with the sex, but the left hand holds the medicine, the right hand holds the education; It is not to look at the death, but to raise people with cultural knowledge, ideological and moral education; Should not be armchair, and the change of professional for professional focus, focus on the expert; We should not fight alone, but let the class and school become a system, let the class and family form a joint force. The teacher should treat each student scientifically according to the person, from the shallow to the deep will work step by step, follow the internal law that the education quantity changes to the quality changes, unremittingly, from beginning to end.   The teacher's work is busy and complicated every day. Although we have stumbled along the way, we have not changed our original aspiration.   "One learns, all benefits!"



The Communist Youth League Harbin Shunmai School Committee was established and the first League mem

On the morning of June 10, 2021, the Communist Youth League Harbin Shunmai School Committee was established and the first League member congress was held. Shi Xueyong, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Shunmai School, He Shengbing, Executive President of Shunmai School, Sun Erming, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of Shunmai School, and representatives of outstanding League members from various academic departments attended the meeting.   The conference opened with a solemn national anthem. Sun Erming, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of Shunmai School, explained the basic situation of the work of the Communist Youth League of Shunmai School and the background and significance of the establishment of the Youth League Committee of the Head School. Mr. He Shengbing, the executive principal of Shunmai School, read out the "Approval on the Establishment of the Communist Youth League Harbin Shunmai School Committee" issued by the Youth League Committee of Songbei District Education Bureau.   The congress elected Wan Yuhang, Li Junyi, Yue Caiyan, Geng Yitong and Tang Mengzhu as members of the Communist Youth League Harbin Shunmai School Committee. Subsequently, the first meeting of the first Communist Youth League Harbin Shunmai School Committee was held, and Wan Yuhang was elected secretary of the first Communist Youth League Harbin Shunmai School Committee.   All the space in a position to speak, said Harbin shun Michael school communist youth league committee in future work, insisting on the tenet of service schools, youth don't waver, urgent, young people need by the party, the communist youth league can work as a starting point and foothold, bear in mind that the party is the vanguard, is the commandos, team is the reserves the blood relationship. Insist that the party flag signifies is the direction of the league flag, give full play to the function of uniting, guiding and serving the youth of the league member truly, transport fresh blood for the party organization, improve the cohesion, fighting power and creativity of the school Communist Youth League organization.   Shun Michael school secretary of the party committee, the general principal Shi Xueyong important speeches at the conference: first, the history of the principal of the communist youth league of Harbin shun congratulate the establishment of the school board, to the new school at the same time puts forward three hope: one is the hope school to clear objectives, give full play to their role as the pioneer fortress, in the school play. We should do a good job in building the Party, leading the League and leading the team, and become an important channel for our school to find and transport talents. Second, it is hoped that the cadres and members of the League will find the right position and become close friends of the Party and the League. In the two centenary building, every League official and member has linked his or her own destiny with the destiny of the motherland, and must carry forward the spirit of exploration, dedication, mission and responsibility. Third, we hope that the youth members of the League will strive to become a new force in the construction of the motherland. To study hard, determined to become; Adhere to innovation, the courage to explore; Pay attention to cultivate one's morality and have both political integrity and ability. Finally, President Shi wishes all the League members to make continuous progress in study and life, become useful talents to the society, and achieve their own wonderful life.   If the youth prosper, the country prospers. If the youth prosper, the country prospers. With the convening of the conference, shun school communist youth league work into a new stage of development, the communist youth league of Harbin shun Michael school committee under the correct leadership of party committee of school, based on the working practice, adhere to the CPC party building, party building led to build, will party, group or team level 3 tightly together, realize the red inheritance, fasten "red tie", Promote the work of the Communist Youth League of our university to a new level.

The spirit of the higher education committee

How to put the winter vacation of primary and secondary schools in the whole province? How to do sp

To strengthen management of holiday of complete province primary and secondary schools, guide teachers and students of general primary and secondary schools to arrange holiday life scientifically and reasonably, recently, provincial department of education completes the relevant work of winter vacation of complete province primary and secondary schools to each city (ground) bureau of Education printed and issued "provincial Department of education completes the notice of relevant work of winter vacation of complete province primary and secondary schools".   "Notice" points out, affected by the epidemic, this year our province's primary and secondary school winter vacation time by the municipal education bureau according to the actual self-determined, the opening time by the annual compulsory education holiday of 13 weeks, high school vacation of 11 weeks, also determined by the municipal education bureau.   "Notice" requirements, the province at all levels of education administrative departments and primary and secondary schools to scientific guidance, overall planning to do a good job before the winter vacation primary and secondary work; To scientifically formulate the winter vacation implementation plan, guide students to reasonably arrange the holiday life; To strengthen the awareness of epidemic prevention and control and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control; To earnestly implement the provincial Party Committee, the provincial government issued on the "Heilongjiang Province to standardize the conduct of ordinary primary and secondary school education" and other relevant provisions, focus on the standardization of vacation school-running behavior; Want to have a big safety check before the holiday, master the school safety dynamics, eliminate safety hidden danger, the primary and secondary school safety work into effect.   "Notice" specific content to understand together   One, the holiday, the school time each district to determine. Affected by the epidemic, the opening time of the autumn term of primary and secondary schools in our province in 2020 will be determined by the municipal education bureaus. As a result of each district elementary education each study paragraph teaching progress is different, this year winter vacation time by each city district education bureau according to actual determine by oneself; School opening time presses annual compulsory education holiday 13 weeks, high school holiday 11 weeks estimate, also decide by each city education bureau oneself, provincial education department does not make unified regulation. Each district shall report the time of vacation and school term to the provincial Department of Education for the record before the winter vacation begins.   Second, as a whole before the holiday work. Administrative departments of education at all levels shall give scientific guidance to the pre-holiday work of primary and secondary schools. Primary and secondary schools should organize teachers to make a careful summary of this semester's education and teaching work, and arrange teachers' professional learning or training; Organize parents' meeting at the end of the semester, guide parents to arrange children's holiday life in a scientific and reasonable way, and do not blindly let children attend remedial classes and remedial classes. Primary and secondary schools should design well the practice and education activities of students in winter vacation. Ordinary high schools should do a good job in evaluating students' comprehensive quality.   Third, make vacation plan scientifically. Primary and secondary schools should formulate a winter vacation implementation plan, guide students to make reasonable arrangements for the holiday life, read classic books, watch inspirational movies, learn to sing red songs, adhere to physical exercise, participate in housework, to enrich the holiday life. During the winter vacation, it is suggested that teachers make full use of the network platform to guide students' online learning and life.   Fourth, do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. The education administrative departments at all levels, primary and secondary schools all stretched the epidemic prevention and control this string, strengthen the consciousness of epidemic prevention and control and have a holiday before concentrating on epidemic prevention and control knowledge education, guides the student to do personal protection, develop good health habits, wash your hands often, less often ventilated, wearing masks, gathered themselves together, and no need to go out, not stick to temperature reporting system, active report 14 days before the opening stroke and temperature. In the event of an epidemic, it is necessary to timely report, actively cooperate with and consciously obey the command and disposal of local epidemic prevention and control departments.   Fifth, standardize the school-running behavior during holidays. All elementary and middle schools should conscientiously implement the heilongjiang provincial party committee general office of the general office of heilongjiang province people's government committee of the CCP about print and distribute "opinions on regulating the behavior of ordinary primary and secondary school education in heilongjiang province > notice (black hair [2014] 27) regulations, organization during the holidays, students make up a missed lesson is prohibited or unified organization top self-study, banned organization students focus to pay" air class "such as TV (Internet), it is prohibited to mobilize and organize students to participate in all kinds of counseling, training classes, banned in the holiday or lease the building to social forces cooperatively-run schools for open classes and workshops. High school graduation classes that really need to make up the missed lesson should comply with the relevant provisions of the Notice of The Provincial Department of Education on Further Regulating the missed Lesson Behavior of ordinary high school graduation classes (Heijiao Ji No. 558 [2017]). Education administrative departments at all levels should be through the public media such as website, officer public governance violations, make up a missed lesson to report telephone, accept social supervision, in accordance with the "grading is responsible for, territorial management" principle, in a timely manner to accept for small and medium-sized school winter vacation violations complaints whistle, strengthen the random inspection, the offenders in accordance with article 10 of the black hair [2014] 27 rules seriously.   Sixth, earnestly pays attention to the safety work. Administrative departments of education at all levels and primary and secondary schools before the holiday to carry out a big safety inspection, keep track of the school's safety dynamics at any time, completely eliminate safety hazards; To carry out national security education to enhance primary and secondary school students' awareness of national security and their ability to safeguard national security; Strengthen safety education, improve safety measures and emergency plans, organize forces to timely and properly deal with all kinds of unexpected accidents and abnormal situations, and report according to the rules according to the facts, effectively implement the safety work of primary and secondary schools.  


Shunmai Kindergarten held the second “Shunmai Ingredient of Books” reading clocking summary ceremon

3-6 years old is the golden stage of children's reading ability development. In order to stimulate children's interest in early reading and cultivate good reading habits, Shunmai Kindergarten has continued to carry out the activity of "Reading Good Books Together" since September 5, 2019, hoping to make parents put down their mobile phones, accompany their children to broaden and expand their horizons, and let the fragrance of books accompany their children's wonderful life! In the past two years, the activity of punching in reading has received strong support from parents and friends, who "make friends with books" together with their children. Even though the sudden epidemic in 2020 prevented us from returning to the kindergarten, the activity continued to be carried out during this "long" holiday. Parents not only demonstrated and led their children to read, but also helped them record the beautiful moments of reading with photos and videos. Summer clouds and summer rain, flowers full of numerous branches. In order to commend and encourage the children who insist on reading and punching in during the period of September 1, 2020 solstice and May 31, 2021, Shunmai Kindergarten will hold the second "Reading and punching out" summary ceremony and award ceremony at 9:00 a.m. on June 18, 2021 in the school lecture hall. At the beginning of the activity, Wang Fang, the kindergarten principal, gave a brief summary of this year's reading and punching activity: under the guidance of teachers, the company of parents and their own insistence, the children have achieved such a wonderful result today. The principal mother is very proud of you. People are important in persistence, difficulty in persistence, success in persistence, I hope that the winning children will make persistent efforts to keep the good habit of reading, and encourage the children who did not win the prize and who are new to the kindergarten not to be discouraged, from now on to pick up the book, insist on reading from me, you will benefit for life. poetry A book, what is it? Jiang Wen, Li Ruiyang, Gao Wenzheng, Zhang Jiaming We have often heard the saying that books are the friends of man and the treasures of human enlightenment. Is it really so magical? What exactly is a book? Listen to these four kids' answers to our questions! By May 31, 2021, 489 people have participated in this year's reading and punching activity, accounting for 83% of the total number of people in the park. 304 people have won awards this year, accounting for 51% of the total number of people. A total of 159 people won the title of "Little Readers", accounting for 52 percent of the winners. 96 students won the title of Junior Bachelor of Reading, accounting for 32% of the winners. A total of 49 people won the title of reading starlet, accounting for 16 percent of the winners. Now it's time for the most exciting awards. Which kids will win the titles of Little Reader, Little Maester or Little Star of the Year? Zhao Ming, deputy principal of kindergarten, read out the list of winners for each school year for us. The mother of the principal and the director of each school year awarded the children MEDALS, certificates and souvenirs. Let's congratulate these children! At the end of the activity, all the teachers and children sang in chorus "the motherland, the motherland, we love you" to express their sincere feelings for the motherland, the kindergarten and the teachers. Congratulations to all the winning classes and children. Of course, don't be discouraged if you haven't won a prize or if you are new to the kindergarten. The kindergarten has specially prepared souvenirs for you. After the activity, some parents expressed their feelings about the activity in the class group, the parents felt the happiness of the children's winning the prize, and through the persistence of reading and punching in, they also truly realized the improvement of the children's reading and language ability. Thank the kindergarten for carrying out such a meaningful activity, laying a foundation for the future development of children. Reading is a seed, it is sown in the soil of children's growth, in the moisture of time, it will take root and sprout, open colorful flowers. In the future, we will continue to create a rich and diverse reading environment for children, create three-dimensional reading theme activities, improve the quality of the kindergarten, let us love reading seeds deeply planted in the hearts of children. 视频链接: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/r_Slgg3kLKX8lnWLqpJ2Kw

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