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      Harbin Shunmai School was founded in 2014, located in the North Bank of the beautiful Songhua River in Harbin, No. 2 Shunmai Road, Songbei District, Harbin. It was invested by the Taiwanese Shunmai Group and approved by the Harbin Education Bureau as a high-end private school with kindergartens, primary schools, junior high schools, high schools and foreign language schools.
      Harbin Shunmai School covers an area of 210,000 square meters, with a total floor area of 110,000 square meters and a total investment of 700 million yuan. The first phase project was built in 2013 and put into operation in 2014. The construction of primary school teaching building, junior high school teaching building and art museum is 30 thousand square meters. 

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Superfine Teacher:

Wang Guangcai  Liu Jinzhi  Chen Hong

Dai Chunmin  Li Wu  E Xiuzhen  Yin Hanbin

Senior high school teacher:Zhang Li   Pu Hai Feng

Junior middle school teachers:Zhang Hui   Yang Bo   Ding Xiuli   Wu Xiang Gui   Lv Xi Ping   Lin Zhi Jian   

Primary school teachers:Yang Weijie   Zhang Xihui   Liu Yu Xing   Deng Jinrong  Kindergarten teacher:Wang Fang   Zhao Ming   Li Zhaojing   Cui Yunxiu   Yang Yang   Han Jia Qi
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[Teachers' Forum] Small stories and great truth -- hard work is the most important

On January 4th, this semester's teachers' forum activity of Harbin Shunmai Elementary School was successfully concluded with the speech of "Little Stories and Great Truth -- Hard Work is the Most Important" by Zhang Hongchao, an information technology teacher.   Teacher Zhang shared four wonderful fables to all teachers from three aspects: "recognize yourself and improve your ability", "learning can not stop, but also rely on yourself" and "only by working hard can you have a chance", and we felt the great truth from the small stories.   Know who you are and improve your abilities   In life and at work, it is extremely important to recognize who you are.   Teacher Zhang said: the first time he gave his students a class, sweating profuse, after class the feeling in the heart is extremely complicated, know that even the most basic teaching ability is not up to standard. I had no idea what to listen to and how to listen to a colleague's class for the first time. At that moment, Mr. Zhang knew that his efforts were far from enough to be qualified as a teacher.   After the discovery of their own shortcomings, Zhang did not choose to be discouraged, carefully dedicated to research teaching materials, research teaching method. Through Mr. Zhang's unremitting efforts, his information technology class has become elegant and welcomed by the students. Dropping water wears away stone, and work is done naturally. Mr. Zhang won the first prize in Songbei District's "Excellence Cup" class competition.   You can't stop learning but also rely on yourself   In the face of difficulties, we are always the first to turn to others for help, often ignoring ourselves. There are a lot of things in fact, as long as their own efforts to solve the problem can be very good, always hope on others, we eventually passively accept, and can not really make their own growth.   Mr. Zhang said: there are many factors that make a person successful, and there are many factors that make a person fail, but in the final analysis: what does success depend on? Some people say, to rely on the right place at the right time; Some people say that we should rely on the support of noble people; Some say it depends on a good birth; It is said that luck will turn; Some people say that it depends on exceptional talent and so on. They say so much, but they are trying to explain why they can't succeed. But I forgot the maxim that success depends more on myself! Everyone has their own way of growth, can really grow quickly I think also rely on their own efforts, from the outside world is ultimately a passive acceptance of the spur, only their own efforts to study, we can really grow up. American writer John Miller said, "We create our own destiny every day..." It may all be destiny but our destiny is in our own hands.   Only by working hard can we have a chance   If there is a gap between people, the biggest gap is the size of the effort! With unremitting efforts, Sima Qian left a lot of excellent works for the people, but also added a lot of historical materials for the treasure house of world history; With unremitting efforts, Edison conquered many difficulties and made indelible contributions to the progress of mankind... Teacher Zhang proved his point by enumerating what he had seen.   Teacher Zhang shared: sometimes when I pass by the school at night, I can always see some classrooms with lights on. Outside the campus, I can clearly see some teachers busy in the classroom through the window. Maybe we have different starting points of ability at the beginning, but these teachers use their efforts to make themselves go higher and farther.   The teacher's work is busy every day, a thousand threads. Though we have stumbled along the way, we have not changed our original aspiration.   Harbin mai jiada primary school teacher forum activities, all the teachers' professional development has become a gas station and the station agent, motivate the teachers use after work time charging study, calm down and listen to the wonderful, feeling education, knowledge, wisdom, believe that the forum campaigns will paves the way for the growth of the more famous teachers, will better serve the education teaching, more lays a foundation for students' growth.



[Flag fluttering] Red scarf fluttering in the wind Young dream set sail -- The first congress of Ch

There's a song, We sang together for many years, That's the power, the uplift Team Song of Chinese Young Pioneers. There is a flag, We held it together for many years, That's what the star torch is made of The flag of the Chinese Young Pioneers. There is a ritual, We've been doing this for years, This is the five fingers together, raised over the head of the formation salute. There is a sign, We wore them together for years, This is the symbol of China's young pioneers - the red scarf. The red scarf embraces a new era, We are members of the Young Pioneers of China, We are good children of truth, kindness and beauty. Twinkle childlike innocence heart to the party, the stars grow with the torch. Under the guidance of the Songbei Youth League District Committee and the District Young Workers' Committee, through the careful organization and preparation of the young Pioneers, the first congress of the Primary School department of The Chinese Young Pioneers Harbin Shunmai School was held in the lecture hall of Shunmai School on December 18. The meeting was attended by Li Hai, general counselor of Songbei District Young Workers' Committee, Shi Xueyong, party secretary and principal of Shunmai School, Liu Jinji, principal of Shunmai Primary School, and leaders of general Affairs Department. The team flag flutters to inherit glory and dream Accompanied by passionate music, the flag-bearers marched out of the team flag in neat steps, and the Young Pioneers sang the team song loudly. The Youth Congress kicked off. The Youth Congress is a grand meeting of young Pioneers. A total of 41 representatives from the school attended the meeting. Representatives of the Young Pioneers who attended the congress came from 45 squadrons and were elected through democratic elections. They feel the glory at the same time, also fulfill their representative obligations, live up to the expectations, confident to bring the voices of partners to the meeting. V. (2) Zhang Xinyue, as a representative of the Young Pioneers, expressed his heartfelt wishes to all the team members She said, "I am honored to speak as the representative of the Young Pioneers, and thank the counselors and teachers for their hard cultivation and teaching. In the future study and life to do attentively, attentive, careful, for the love of the red scarf add new luster! Principal Liu Jinzhi of Shun Mai Primary School delivered a speech She put forward that the Youth Congress is the carrier of the young Pioneers' democratic participation in school management. Today, as the young master of the school, it is your honor and responsibility to attend the Youth Congress here. I hope you will earnestly fulfill your representative duty, bring the voices of the team members to the meeting, and convey the spirit of the Youth Congress to every young pioneer. At the same time, I wish you three things: first, I wish you lofty ideals and noble character. Second, I hope you can study hard and strive for self-improvement. Third, I hope that we can keep pace with The Times, keep up with The Times, and let the young pioneers of our school make more achievements. Li Hai, chief counselor of The Young Pioneers of Songbei District, read a congratulatory letter On behalf of the Songbei District Young Workers' Committee and the 27,000 young pioneers of the whole region, he wished the first congress of the Elementary School of Shunmai School of China Young Pioneers a complete success. And message team members to cultivate good character, actively practice socialist core values; To study hard, study hard, enhance their ability; We should have the courage to innovate and create, and cultivate a scientific spirit. We should maintain physical and mental health, love labor, strengthen exercise, and become a young pioneer in the all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetics and labor. Teacher Jia Shuo, instructor of the brigade, made the report of the first Brigade Committee of The Primary School of Shunmai School of The Chinese Young Pioneers. She inherited the red gene, firm direction, holding high the team flag to follow the party; Cultivate people with morality, carry forward the tradition and cultivate good teenagers in the new era; Keep the mission in mind, innovate the work, compose the beautiful music of the Young Pioneers in all three sides to present the leaders and representatives to report the work of the Committee of the Young Pioneers. Primary school Party branch organization member Wu Yuzhu teacher to do the youth congress proposal to answer the report. The ShaoDaiHui proposals received 78, content involves norms, independent activities, volunteering, garbage classification, canteen, sports, etc., each one small red scarf proposal reflects the young pioneers of family, school and social aspects of observation and thinking, showing the delegates ShaoDaiHui small master of "small" posture. Three items were voted on at the meeting. 1. Establish the Young Pioneers Working Committee of Harbin Shunmai School Primary School with the standardized name of "Working Committee of Chinese Young Pioneers Of Harbin Shunmai School Primary School". Director: Shi Xueyong Deputy Director: Liu Jinzhi Office Director: Jia Shuo Members: 49, consisting of 35 squadron counselors, 5 off-campus counselors and 9 Young Pioneers. The establishment of the School's Young Workers Committee means that the Young Pioneers will flourish with hope, making the organization more full of vitality and vitality. I believe that in the future work, the COMMITTEE will lead the young Pioneers to carry out more unique and effective activities, to do the work of the Young pioneers better! 2. Voted and approved the list of the First Young Pioneers Brigade Committee of Harbin Shunmai Primary School. Team Leader: Zhang Xinyue of no.5 (2) Squadron Deputy Team leader: Liu Jiaxin 5 (2) Guo Xiaoxiang of the Fifth (8) Squadron Study Department head: Five (1) old thinking Pupil in the squadron Director of The Organization Department: Yin Xinlin of the 5th (5th) Squadron Publicity department head: Fifth (8) Zhiqi Xu, squadron Minister of Sports: No.5 (3) Squadron at Cong Ran Secretary of Entertainment department: Wang Yufei, 5th (5) Squadron Minister of Life Department: Zhang Yuzheng of No.5 (8) Squadron 3. The resolution (draft) on the Work Report of the Brigade Committee of The Primary School Department of Harbin Shunmai School of The Chinese Young Pioneers is proposed by the conference. It is proposed to promote the reform and innovation of the young pioneers' work in the new Area, enhance their ideological content, advancement, autonomy and practicality, enhance their sense of honor and sense of belonging to the organization, and promote the institutionalization, specialization, zeitenization and systematization of their work. And the monthly work plan of the Young Pioneers with participating leaders, representatives of the report. After the agenda vote, all the leaders are the Chinese Young Pioneers Harbin Shunmai School Primary School department, the first brigade members wear the team committee logo. Small logo, great responsibility and responsibility, the new brigade committee members of the big team logo on the body, is to put the party, the commission's entrust in the heart, put the trust of the team on the shoulders. Captain Zhang Xinyue led the first less first team members in the team flag under the oath. The star torch is passing by, and a brand new era is calling for us to make preparations for the realization of the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation. Mr. Jia Shuo, instructor of shunmai Primary School, leads the young Pioneers. During the meeting, all the delegates were in high spirits and the atmosphere of the meeting was solemn and warm. With the sound of the flag withdrawal, the first session of the Chinese Young Pioneers Harbin Shunmai School primary School congress completed the scheduled agenda, closed successfully. May the young pioneers of Shun Mai Primary School continue to surpass themselves and let the star torch flag fluttering in the wind. Keep a spark in your heart Strive to be a dreamer Hello, Youth Assembly Hello, good player of the new era!

The spirit of the higher education committee

How to put the winter vacation of primary and secondary schools in the whole province? How to do sp

To strengthen management of holiday of complete province primary and secondary schools, guide teachers and students of general primary and secondary schools to arrange holiday life scientifically and reasonably, recently, provincial department of education completes the relevant work of winter vacation of complete province primary and secondary schools to each city (ground) bureau of Education printed and issued "provincial Department of education completes the notice of relevant work of winter vacation of complete province primary and secondary schools".   "Notice" points out, affected by the epidemic, this year our province's primary and secondary school winter vacation time by the municipal education bureau according to the actual self-determined, the opening time by the annual compulsory education holiday of 13 weeks, high school vacation of 11 weeks, also determined by the municipal education bureau.   "Notice" requirements, the province at all levels of education administrative departments and primary and secondary schools to scientific guidance, overall planning to do a good job before the winter vacation primary and secondary work; To scientifically formulate the winter vacation implementation plan, guide students to reasonably arrange the holiday life; To strengthen the awareness of epidemic prevention and control and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control; To earnestly implement the provincial Party Committee, the provincial government issued on the "Heilongjiang Province to standardize the conduct of ordinary primary and secondary school education" and other relevant provisions, focus on the standardization of vacation school-running behavior; Want to have a big safety check before the holiday, master the school safety dynamics, eliminate safety hidden danger, the primary and secondary school safety work into effect.   "Notice" specific content to understand together   One, the holiday, the school time each district to determine. Affected by the epidemic, the opening time of the autumn term of primary and secondary schools in our province in 2020 will be determined by the municipal education bureaus. As a result of each district elementary education each study paragraph teaching progress is different, this year winter vacation time by each city district education bureau according to actual determine by oneself; School opening time presses annual compulsory education holiday 13 weeks, high school holiday 11 weeks estimate, also decide by each city education bureau oneself, provincial education department does not make unified regulation. Each district shall report the time of vacation and school term to the provincial Department of Education for the record before the winter vacation begins.   Second, as a whole before the holiday work. Administrative departments of education at all levels shall give scientific guidance to the pre-holiday work of primary and secondary schools. Primary and secondary schools should organize teachers to make a careful summary of this semester's education and teaching work, and arrange teachers' professional learning or training; Organize parents' meeting at the end of the semester, guide parents to arrange children's holiday life in a scientific and reasonable way, and do not blindly let children attend remedial classes and remedial classes. Primary and secondary schools should design well the practice and education activities of students in winter vacation. Ordinary high schools should do a good job in evaluating students' comprehensive quality.   Third, make vacation plan scientifically. Primary and secondary schools should formulate a winter vacation implementation plan, guide students to make reasonable arrangements for the holiday life, read classic books, watch inspirational movies, learn to sing red songs, adhere to physical exercise, participate in housework, to enrich the holiday life. During the winter vacation, it is suggested that teachers make full use of the network platform to guide students' online learning and life.   Fourth, do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. The education administrative departments at all levels, primary and secondary schools all stretched the epidemic prevention and control this string, strengthen the consciousness of epidemic prevention and control and have a holiday before concentrating on epidemic prevention and control knowledge education, guides the student to do personal protection, develop good health habits, wash your hands often, less often ventilated, wearing masks, gathered themselves together, and no need to go out, not stick to temperature reporting system, active report 14 days before the opening stroke and temperature. In the event of an epidemic, it is necessary to timely report, actively cooperate with and consciously obey the command and disposal of local epidemic prevention and control departments.   Fifth, standardize the school-running behavior during holidays. All elementary and middle schools should conscientiously implement the heilongjiang provincial party committee general office of the general office of heilongjiang province people's government committee of the CCP about print and distribute "opinions on regulating the behavior of ordinary primary and secondary school education in heilongjiang province > notice (black hair [2014] 27) regulations, organization during the holidays, students make up a missed lesson is prohibited or unified organization top self-study, banned organization students focus to pay" air class "such as TV (Internet), it is prohibited to mobilize and organize students to participate in all kinds of counseling, training classes, banned in the holiday or lease the building to social forces cooperatively-run schools for open classes and workshops. High school graduation classes that really need to make up the missed lesson should comply with the relevant provisions of the Notice of The Provincial Department of Education on Further Regulating the missed Lesson Behavior of ordinary high school graduation classes (Heijiao Ji No. 558 [2017]). Education administrative departments at all levels should be through the public media such as website, officer public governance violations, make up a missed lesson to report telephone, accept social supervision, in accordance with the "grading is responsible for, territorial management" principle, in a timely manner to accept for small and medium-sized school winter vacation violations complaints whistle, strengthen the random inspection, the offenders in accordance with article 10 of the black hair [2014] 27 rules seriously.   Sixth, earnestly pays attention to the safety work. Administrative departments of education at all levels and primary and secondary schools before the holiday to carry out a big safety inspection, keep track of the school's safety dynamics at any time, completely eliminate safety hazards; To carry out national security education to enhance primary and secondary school students' awareness of national security and their ability to safeguard national security; Strengthen safety education, improve safety measures and emergency plans, organize forces to timely and properly deal with all kinds of unexpected accidents and abnormal situations, and report according to the rules according to the facts, effectively implement the safety work of primary and secondary schools.  


[Theme activity] Shun Mai Kindergarten held the second “Book full Garden infiltrate Shun Mai” story

  3-6 years old is the critical period for children's language development. The Outline emphasizes in the language field that "the key to the development of children's language is to create an environment that enables them to want to speak, dare to speak, like to speak and have the opportunity to speak.   Story is an indispensable intimate partner in everyone's growth process. It, like the sun and rain, moisten our dreams. In order to provide a stage for children to show themselves and improve their language skills, Shunmai Kindergarten held the second three-week story contest in December.   The activity was planned and presided over by Zhao Ming, the deputy principal of the kindergarten. The competition was divided into three stages, namely, the first contest in the class, the rematch in the garden and the final contest. After the preliminaries of the class, a total of 44 children from 22 classes in the kindergarten were selected to participate in the finals. On December 24, 2020, the second "Book Full Garden infiltration shun Mai" story contest was held in the small theater on the third floor of our garden. Wang Fang, the kindergarten principal, led the leaders of each school year and members of the teaching team as judges.   In the process of the competition, the young players are not afraid of the stage, they use the voice of young children and tell a beautiful story, behind the wonderful performance of the children is the parents' patient rehearsal and teachers' careful guidance.   After the competition of the rematch, under the careful evaluation of the judges and invited Wang Fang principal to notarize the scores for the second time, the whole garden selected 15 groups of children to participate in the story contest final.   Baby class "the change of the dog" Ma Qiuyang   Baby class two "Three Little Pigs" Wu You   "Kong Rong Let pear" in Class 3   Class 5, "Cat Fishing"   The Lost Ant, Class 6   Dong Cunrui Bombing Bunker in Class Six   Cui Zixuan Cui Ziqian   In class one, Watch me change, Jiang Junze   The second class "Crow drink water" Wang Zilin   Class 4, "Cat in the Mirror" Qiu Tian   The Sly Fox, Class 4, Middle School   K2 The Little Pig Who Doesn't Like learning, Kim Meihan   Class two "lion perm" ning wen impression   Three Purrs in Class 3   Big Five "Big Tiger without Teeth" Cui Yixiao   K3 too Modest Liu Yuxi   After a morning of intense competition, under the fair and just scoring statistics of the judges, each grade selected the all-around little talent, the performance little talent, the speech little talent and the "Best Participation award". Wu Wei, Cui Zixuan, Cui Ziqian, Qiu Tian, Ning Wenyu, Liu Yuxi six children were awarded the school year's all-round little talent; Wu Ruize, Zhang Mo, talking, containing Li Shu, Xu Jinyu, Hou Jiaqi Lai Yuxi, Tian Yue, Duan Anze, Li Yibai, Zhang Xirui, good in navigation, Liu Chen escape, Wu Huanran, anddy Xi, pay, peng wan, Wang Zilin, Lu Mincheng GuYuXin, hu di, Lv Peihan, NingWen ink, taro, Peng Chuyin, dong yu, QuFangYuan, Wang Yumo, Song Ziming, Hao Junchi, kai wenkai 29 children respectively in the year of show little talent; Ma Qiuyang, Liu Yinuo, Yu Zisan, Li Simo, Yu Fanchen, Yu Hao Bo, Shi Zihan, Li Yike, Jiang Junze and Cui Yixiao were awarded the oral talent of the school year respectively. Kindergarten principal Wang Fang and members of the judging panel presented certificates of honor to the children participating in the semi-final and the final and took a group photo.   The wonderful deduction of the children for our dedication of an audio-visual feast, thanks to every child's active participation, the support and cooperation of parents, teachers hard guidance. In the story, the children experience the truth, goodness and beauty of life, and feel the joy and joy of growing up. May children spread the wings of imagination, roam in the world of story, feel happy childhood!  

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